Be an Advocate for the Zambian Soap Company!

The purpose of our company is to empower communities in Zambia to sustain themselves economically, as well as reach out in love and service to others in Africa and beyond. Our profits support the work of local churches in Zambia to minister to AIDS victims, widows and orphans, and serve other needs both locally and regionally beyond Zambia. Our work is young, but we believe it has great potential for growth. If you want to serve and empower the people of Zambia, we're looking for you!

                A group of widows employed by the company
Volunteer advocates can help in many ways, but most importantly by helping us sell soap. Or, if you live in the Boulder area, we can always use volunteers to help around the office and with specific preparation tasks for fairs, events, etc. E-mail us to get on our local volunteer list.

Thanks for making a difference!

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