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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where exactly is your soap made?

A: We have an organic farm in the countryside of Zambia, about 40 miles southwest of the town of Chingola, near the Congolese border, where we grow herbs for natural fragrance and color. Our soap is produced in Chingola, then shipped to our distribution center in Boulder, Colorado.

Q: What makes your soap "organic"?

A: Our ingredients, such as coconut oil and the essential oils used for fragrance, are 100% natural and are produced using sustainable, organic farming techniques. No artificial chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides or other harmful substances are used in production. 98% of our ingredients are certified organic, a figure which will soon reach 100%.

School children benefitted by our work

Q: Where do your profits go?

A: All our profits support local community initiatives administered by church networks. We help build schools and clinics, provide for orphans and widows, and enable Zambians to live out their dreams.

Q: Who makes your soap, and how are they paid?

A: We employ dozens of workers, both on our organic farm and at our production facility in Chingola. A community of women widowed by the AIDS epidemic are employed attaching labels, packing and shipping the soap. In addition, we are supporting the local economy in Zambia, Tanzania and elsewhere by buying ingredients locally and employing local labor. All workers receive wages considerably above the market rates, giving them dignity and a healthy standard of living. We are strongly motivated by a desire to see our workers benefitted by the business.

Q: How much autonomy and leadership do Zambians have in the company?

A: Our soap production and our organic farm are completely run by skilled Zambian managers, who have a stake in the business. For example, Dr. Noah Zimba, a Rutgers-educated PhD herbologist, has helped us develop our farm and select our ingredients.

Q: Is your soap vegan?

A: Yes. Absolutely no animal products are used in our soap, nor is any animal testing done.

Q: Are there any artificial preservatives in your soap?

A: No. We will soon incorporate natural preservatives in our soap such as rosemary oil, but currently our soap contains no preservatives of any kind. So although you may be tempted to use our soap as an air freshener, make sure to use it quickly! If you let it sit for too long, the scent may wear out after several months.

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