Children in Zambia
Fundraise For Your School And For Zambian Schools!

Are you looking for ways to raise money for your school, club or other organization? Partner with us to fund education both in the US and Zambia!

Funds from the Zambian Soap Company are helping to build much-needed schools in rural Zambia. Your students can track the progress of the school they're helping to build online. Teachers can use this partnership to teach their students about Africa, as well as interact with Zambian students directly to learn about life in Zambia.

Schools in Zambia require only a few thousand dollars to build. We use simple and common local building materials such as cinder blocks and tin roofs. This provides a spacious one-room school for kids close to where they live--an important consideration for children who often have barely enough to eat.

Currently Participating Schools
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Partner with the Zambian Soap Company, and let your fundraisers make a difference!