Our Story

Handcrafted for You

From our hands to yours, we craft our soaps in the markets of Zambia with ethically sourced, organically grown and wild-harvested ingredients.

By People Who Care

Meet Kahona “Brownd” Kalenda, one of our founders, designers and soap makers.

“I really enjoy working here because it is a ministry – especially to help the widows and orphans. I have had a long-time vision of having an orphanage. I have a heart to serve people – especially those who are less privileged. This job is part of my vision. I have a small plot of land and I hope one day to put an orphanage there with training for the children.”

Kahona’s vision is becoming a reality. Learn more!

For Their Communities

We want to empower impoverished communities through small-scale development, bringing the global market into the rural communities of Zambia. Together, we are not just providing jobs; we are creating a future.

We’re part of a new generation of African businesses giving pride and dignity to the most vulnerable communities in Africa. We’re putting AIDS and poverty behind as we strive to see our community standing on its own feet.

Through hard work and unshakeable faith, our dream is becoming a reality.

And the Dirt Beneath Them

Committed to sustainable and regenerative organic farming techniques, our soap production provides local farmers an alternative to destructive slash-and-burn practices. By using only organic farming techniques to produce our ingredients, we’re helping to keep this beautiful African environment free from dangerous chemicals and pesticides.

Organic means keeping you, our workers and future generations healthy.